China’s First Internet Company In Blockchain Industry In For Tron (TRX) Super Representative

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Tron (TRX) -Known as the first internet company to deal with blockchain technology in China, Raybo has been reported to be running as a candidate in the Tron Super Representative election.

Justin Sun, the intellect behind Tron, in a statement today said Raybo, devoted towards stimulating decentralised distributed technology represented by Ripple (XRP) in China, will run for TRONSR.

Raybo’s intention to run for TRONSR never came as a surprise because the internet company is tagged as the beginning of Tron Foundation’s predecessor.


In China, Raybo is known for supporting blockchain-based clearing technology in the financial industry.

Established around mid-2014 in Beijing China, Raybo stands as one of the pioneer company championing the promotion of blockchain technology in the country.

After the establishment of the company in 2014, it got sponsorship from a top venture capital investment group, IDG Capital, and Chris Larsen and Greg Kidd, who are among the top executives of Ripple.

In the following year, Raybo was handed another significant boost with investment fund from China Equity Group, THVC and Zhongke Capital.

Tron (TRX) Super Representative Election.

With Super Representative Election, Tron aims at achieving a democratic governance structure in its community.

Of all the candidate participating in the super representative election, 27 elected contenders will assume the responsibility of representing one million TRON supporters and at the same time govern the ecosystem by providing calculations and validations.

Through the same democratic means, Raybo which cooperates with enterprise organizations, declared its wiliness to run for TRONSR in a bid to promote the altcoin’s blockchain technology.

Tron through a release issued is now imploring its supporters who are officially certified TRX holders to vote for Raybo in becoming a Super Representative of Tron.

Tron’s (TRX) First Global All-Hands Meeting

Today marks the initiation of Tron’s first ever global all-hands meeting. The meeting, according to a tweet issued by Justin Sun, converged the blockchain technology teams from both east and west, claiming that Tron’s family has increased in size from 108 to about 300.

With Tron the aim to surpass Ethereum in the crypto community and become the largest decentralized ecosystem in the world, the altcoin is taking no chance to add more and more feathers to its cap.



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