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Cardano Foundation Earned The Title Of Unicorn Again. The Optimism in The CryptoValley Returned

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Cardano Foundation Earned The Title Of Unicorn Again. The Optimism in The CryptoValley Returned

The Cardano Foundation hits the TOP 50 of the Investment Company Crypto Valley Venture Capital CV VC again.

According to the latest data, the Crypto Valley continues to grow rapidly. The main cities of the Crypto Valley which are concentrated the blockchain business are Zug, Zurich, Geneva, Ticino, Liechtenstein, and Vaud.

It is here that the business unicorns are located, the value of which exceeds $ 1 billion. Cardano, cryptocurrency startup with its own token ADA, is among them.

The Current Situation on The Crypto Market is Getting Better

Evaluation of the TOP 50 blockchain companies in the Crypto Valley has doubled since December 2018.

“Crypto Winter undoubtedly left a mark on the industry, but companies with strong fundamentals and emerging use cases have significantly increased valuations,” said Mathias Ruch, Cofounder of CV VC.

It is worth noting that among the unicorns such as Ethereum Foundation, Cardano Foundation, Dfinity Foundation, and Bitmain Switzerland, two new ones have been added. The newcomers titled unicorns are the Cosmos Network and the Polkadot.

The increasing importance of crypto assets and the requirement for their safe storage have created significant business opportunities for Swiss crypto custodians.

The current TOP 50 ranking includes 5 new custodian services. Algo Trader AG, Cysec Systems AG, Custodigit AG, Metaco SA, and Taurus Group SA are among them. Three unicorns Cosmos Network (Interchain Foundation) and Polkadot (Web3 Foundation) were also included in this rating for the first time. It is likely they will be able to hold their grounds due to the further growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Certainly, according to the latest predictions, cryptocurrencies are traded in an optimistic mood, indicating further adoption of digital assets by major players of space.

Other Candidates to The Title of Unicorns over The World

Every year, the American media Forbes publishes a rating of 25 promising startups, the capitalization of which shortly will allow them to join the club of unicorns. This year, three fintech companies, one cryptocurrency startup, and two cybersecurity startups are on the list.

The New York startup Chainalysis is the only cryptocurrency company that is on the Forbes list. The startup was founded by Michael Gronager, Jonathan Levin and Jan Moller in 2014.

The company has attracted $ 53.6 million investment for five years. Chainalysis raised $ 36 million in a Series B investment round led by Accel, a venture company. Last year, a startup raised $ 8 million.

Chainalysis develops and implements cryptocurrency research software. For example, its product, Reactor, allows law enforcement and financial institutions to detect and punish intruders who use cryptocurrency for illegal activities.

It is believed the club of cryptocurrency unicorns includes five companies: Coinbase, Ripple, Bitmain, Circle, and Robinhood. The first of them was Coinbase, which was valued at $ 1 billion in 2017.

An increasing number of cryptocurrency companies are jumping over the 1 billion mark. Such an event cannot but rejoice the cryptocurrency community. Each new company attracts more and more attention to new investors, who still have not dared to enter a new market.

But with a great understanding of the fact that technology does not stand still, each of us begins to use innovations and directly participate in the development of a new era of digitalization and technology.

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