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Cardano Charles Hoskinson Voyages to Japan, D.C, Meets World Leaders

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Cardano Charles Hoskinson Voyages to Japan, D.C, Meets World Leaders

Cardano blockchain technology and IOHK, the company behind the project, are brisk in propagating the use of blockchain technology around the world.

The cryptocurrency industry is yet to get the level of adoption its need, hence, projects are reaching out to companies to satisfy their yearn.

Cardano blockchain brews partnership in a different way from other projects. IOHK seems to focus on voyaging around the world as a major approach in bringing adoption for Cardano.

The blockchain firm has explored Africa to a large extent, sealing remarkable deals with leaders and institutions in the region.

The latest update from the research based blockchain project reveals that the new route CEO Charles Hoskinson is exploring is Japan and Washington D.C.

The CEO himself via twitter revealed that he just made a wild trip to Japan and D.C. and was able to meet with world leaders and other important persons and organizations.

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“What a crazy trip this has been. From Japan to D.C, from World Leaders to the West Wall, Eyes Wide Shut Parties to 8-Bit Cowboys. Woz too! Good to be going home,” Hoskinson stated.

Partnership Buzzing from Hoskinson’s Trip?

Although no official statement has yet declared that the tour was centered on achieving any partnership or deal, but mulling over the result of past journeying activities of the company, one can predict that a partnership makeup might be afoot.

Recently, Cardano blockchain technology inked a deal with the Mongolian government which is believed to help eradicate counterfeit drugs in the country.

Before sealing the deal, Charles Hoskinson made a number of trips to Mongolia, having a closed door meeting with the foreign minister of the country, Damdin Tsogtbaatar.

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Cardano focuses on partnering with governments and institutions rather than individuals, and this strategy looks to be working for the company greatly.

Lately, Today’s Gazette reported that Cardano signed an MoU with Georgia’s Ministry of Education to construct a credential verification system using blockchain technology. As Cardano continues to navigate round the world, its tentacles are spreading with more adoption.

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