Canadian-based ‘Spend’ With Connections To Over 40 million Merchants Globally Adopts XRP


Canadian-based multi-currency digital wallet, Spend, has declared it supports Ripple’s XRP among other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Cardano (ADA) etc.

With Spend, crypto lovers can exchange USD, CAD, EUR fiat currencies with other digital currency. The platform also has three types of Spend Visa Card available for reservation. The Visa card makes holders to have access to a Digital Wallet that lets them spend over 16 fiats and cryptocurrencies.

Users of the platform have access to use the cards with more than 40 merchants across the globe. The introduction of Spend and SpendApp is a big development to the cryptocurrency space and favours fiat and crypto exchanging, and buying and selling as well.

Although, the platform is being perfected at the moment, interested persons can pre-order their Visa Card and download their android and iOS apps for immediate use.

XRP Keeps Soaring

Cryptocurrencies like XRP are very rare. The digital asset has the backings of reputable financial institutions across the globe. Now, big fintech companies are looking to incorporate xRapid, a tool that uses XRP for global settlement.

When Ripple’s xRapid finally sees wide adoption, there is hope that the value of XRP will skyrocket beyond people’s comprehension.

Yesterday, XRP witnessed a massive increment in value, however, no one could say what was behind the upsurge. However, one of our writers yesterday pointed that it may be because of CMC Market announcement about XRP. We covered the story here


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