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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Can Elon Musk’s Possible Investment in ReddCoin (RDD) Bring The Crypto to $1?

Elon Musk ReddCoin (RDD)


Can Elon Musk’s Possible Investment in ReddCoin (RDD) Bring The Crypto to $1?

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The ReddCoin (RDD) community wants Elon Musk, who is the CEO of SpaceX and co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, to consider investing in RDD. One of the community’s strong member by the name WreddHead, advised the serial investor to look into ReddCoin, a platform renowned for its outstanding social tipping, which launched it much-awaited ReddID late September.

The community says since Elon Musk enjoys giving in charity, investing in a cryptocurrency like ReddCoin will ease its arms giving initiative.

WreddHead said: “Hello Mr @elonmusk ever thought about investing in #Reddcoin and using its new #ReddID !! There are some nice common interests! Both like #SocialMedia both like to help people (the giving pledge). reddcoin by tipping talent and charity with SocMed) both like to go to mars.”

Can Elon Musk Heighten The Price Of ReddCoin (RDD)?

After the comments got the attention of crypto community, the question some of them are raising is, can Elon Musk heighten the price of ReddCoin (RDD)?

Definitely, yes! If investors like Elon Musk invest in ReddCoin, or partners with the cryptocurrency, the price of RDD will increase.

ReddID (RDD) Reaches 1,000 Users

ReddCoin community are rejoicing over the fact that the newly launched ReddID just broke the first one thousand users’ milestone. Before this week ends, expectations are high that close to 10,000 users would have registered on the platform.

At the moment the ReddCoin community are tipping users on social media to increase the adoption of the cryptocurrency.

When social media content creators are compensated directly through tipping and the love button created to increase love sharing on the internet, there is possibility that the cryptocurrency gain more adoption.

Mere looking at ReddCoin’s improving ecosystem, one won’t doubt that the cryptocurrency is one of the few digital currencies with clear and awesome use case, unlike many cryptos with shady intention.

About ReddCoin’s ReddID

ReddID is a big difference that ReddCoin brought into the crypto space. Users can forget their long wallet ID and embrace the ReddID, more of a self-selected username, which they can easily remember.

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