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Built On Bitshares Blockchain, Exchange Lists Digibyte (DBG) As Base Pair In Newly Define Way

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Built On Bitshares Blockchain, Exchange Lists Digibyte (DBG) As Base Pair In Newly Define Way

Partnership, development and listing are inevitable part of every coins growth in the crypto space. However, the security, decentralization and speed focused cryptocurrency, Digibyte (DGB), has been handed a feather on its cap with an announcement envisioned to improve the adoption of the crypto graphic project.

According to the update, it was revealed that a decentralized crypto asset exchange (DEX) developed on BitShares blockchain, DynX, has listed Digibyte amongst some others for trade on its platform.

The update publicized that the exchange did not just list Digibyte, but made the altcoin go live as a starting base pair with the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and POLIS.

DynX stated that to be listed as base pair on most exchanges in the space, the volume of the crypto coin or token is a requisite. Top volume coins are those listed on many a number of exchanges as base currency.

DynX noted that it will be redefining the way things work in the space as it won’t be listing assets as base pair based on volume but rather their potency. DynX added that it believes that DGB and Polis are strong projects with engaging communities. As such, it will be listing the two as base currency.

Digibyte (DGB) Gets A Leapfrog

To be listed as a base currency is sure one of the greatest thing that could ever happen to a coin. All other assets would be traded against the coin and such is regarded as a huge step towards mainstream adoption.

The Chief marketing officer at Digibyte (DGB), Rudy Bouwman, acknowledge the development by appreciating the exchange in a tweet.

Bouwman added that the development would make users trade all other coins with Digibyte.

About DynX

Built on BitShares blockchain, DynX aims at offering a crypto trading service that is secured, seamless and fast.

The fact that it is built upon BitShares makes transaction easy for users. While all assets are stored on the blockchain, accounts, transactions and Orderbooks can be examined via BitShares BlockExplorer.

DynX is a new exchange in the space with the intent of making transformation.

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