BTC, LTC, ETH, DGB, Others To Enjoy Adoption From Over 35K Merchants, Courtesy Of UTRUST

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Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Digibyte (DGB), amongst other cryptocurrencies available on UTRUST, a crypto payment platform has been handed a major boost in the space despite the psyching market situation.

Boatsful of being the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements, UTRUST, announced a partnership deal with Quid Systems’ point of sale product, Quid Smart Vendor POS.

While Quid offers a robust merchant platform built with trust and flexibility, UTRUST will leverage the partnership to bring seamless crypto payments to more than 35,000 merchants.

However, the 35,000+ Quid POS merchants will now have access to UTRUST’s cryptocurrency payment gateway.

The CEO & Co-founder of Quid Systems, Sheryl Carr, in the announcement related that through the partnership, the two companies will work together in introducing exceptional merchant solutions to the space.

“One of the advantages of having a knowledgeable partner at the forefront of the future-of-payments is that it provides our Smart Vendors a reliable processor to accept cryptocurrency payments,” Carr said.

Recognized for its trusted transactions between global merchants, Quid POS provides a tremendous service which showcases a transaction in up to 3 currencies simultaneous, choosing from the available 200+ international currencies which includes Bitcoin and altcoins. Thus, conversion between currencies made easy.

The CEO of UTRUST, Nuno Correia in his own words said:

“For UTRUST merchants, Quid POS offers something unique in the point of sale space — transparent transactions utilizing a currency conversion cash register with an affinity for cryptocurrency payments. We speak the same language of trust and this partnership expands both our missions to make cryptocurrency payments accepted universally.”

The collaboration, according to the release, will make Quid POS’s over 35,000 merchants accept cryptocurrency seamlessly as a payment mean with UTRUST platform. Added services which the partnership brings to merchants includes “payment processing, inventory control, sales insights, employee management, customer tracking, and multi-location reporting, for one seamless fundamental platform.”

About Quid PoS

Tipped as an advanced exchange and currency converter software for small and medium scale businesses, Quid Smart Vendor is a simple cashier solution for merchants. It has a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), and a Quid App which makes merchants transact conveniently with customers using electronic sets like tablet, smart phone or computer.


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