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Brad Garlinghouse Provides XRP Investors With Huge Hint of What’s to Come

Ripple CEO: XRP Price Is Subject To Manipulation No More Than Bitcoin


Brad Garlinghouse Provides XRP Investors With Huge Hint of What’s to Come

Amid the XRP price dropping by more than 10%, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse decides to homologate the acts of its investors. Today, he posted a tweet includes the main events that will hold within the scope of the Economic club NY this fall.

This event can affect the price of the token significantly in particular and the adoption of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. The performances of these people at the autumn event will be decisive in the situation of a prolonged bearish trend.

The community appreciated the news with respect. The great part of crypto enthusiasts has noted that something grand could happen this fall.

“Good luck speaking at the EconClubNY on October 8 Brad Garlinghouse. Will there be a livestream for the conference? I see nothing but high level important people such as yourself speaking at that conference so it must be very exclusive. I have a feeling big things will happen September – December,” user under the nickname XRPcryptowolf tweeted.

As we know, Ripple did not satisfy its holders with a handsome profit this year. If other major cryptocurrencies gained XXX in 2019, XRP token keep trading over the corresponding range.

Until yesterday… But last night, a strong bearish impulse broke through the support level of 0.280 USD. The momentum was so strong that the Ripple price did not just set the new annual low of 2019, it broke the bottom of the global downward trend of 2018, which has been at 0.245 USD since September 11.

This is due to the post on Twitter published by Tone Vays.

To date, after a historic all time high of 3.317 USD, the minimum value of the token price has shifted to the point of 0.243 USD.

Late at night, the couple tried to recover and increased to the level of 0.270 USD, but the decline resumed in the morning and will reach the level of 0.250 USD. While there are no guarantees that in the near future the price of XRP will not fall below yesterday’s low.

Futhermore, experts from the Whale Alert noticed yesterday by moving a large amount in XRP tokens.

In the evening of August 14, 20 million XRPs were transferred to the Kraken trading platform, which apparently were sold there. An hour after the transaction, the token price rolled down, which upset many of its holders.

Whatever the situation, today the community continues to believe in the potential of cryptocurrency.

Ripple XRP Is the Most Reliable Cryptocurrency

To date, Ripple XRP was called the most reliable cryptocurrency among all known ones. Experts compared Ripple XRP to others in various ways. Ripple XRP has previously been recognized better than several other tokens.

A new analysis says that Ripple XRP is more reliable than other cryptocurrencies.

Such claims have their own arguments. First of all, experts compared the production of Ripple XRP with Bitcoin. Bitcoin loses to Ripple XRP as experts emphasized, including with a gradual mining slowdown.

On the other hand, mining is not used for Ripple XRP, and therefore such problems will not arise.

Besides, an important point for Ripple XRP is a fairly low volatility. Experts point out that Ripple XRP is one of those currencies that does not vary too much, and this is also positive thing.

Based on all this, analysts said that Ripple XRP has a promising future and is more reliable than other cryptocurrencies.

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