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BitTorrent Live: World’s First Blockchain-based Live Streaming Platform Goes live

BitTorrent Live!


BitTorrent Live: World’s First Blockchain-based Live Streaming Platform Goes live

The launching of the long waited peer to peer blockchain-based live streaming platform, BitTorrent Live, has been initiated with an internal alpha testing.

CEO Justin Sun disclosed the announcement via twitter after Tron Foundation published a detailed information about the development on its medium page.

Also known as BLive, BitTorrent Live is dubbed the first blockchain based live streaming platform in the world, interestingly, it is built on Tron and BitTorrent protocols.

During the period of the alpha testing, BLive users will be able to use the platform’s audio/video live streaming services as well as payment systems, account system and user relationship, among other tools.

The released mentioned that while the over 100 million monthly active users of BitTorrent enjoy cross-border remittance and content creation service on BitTorrent, they will also be opened to BLive multifaceted tools.

BitTorrent will launch the public beta of BLive on September 20 for extra feedbacks from users, after a successful internal testing.

Benefits of BitTorrent Live

BLive is designed with the aim of uniting content creators, consumers and investors in a newly revitalized way through the BLive’s tokenized system.

Using an organic virtual ecosystem, the platform redefines the policy biding participants as they meet and transact with each other.

Tron Foundation mentioned that BLive will offer users in the live-streaming industry a greater experience by combining constant audio/video output with token economy, hence, content creators will be giving the fatter share of profits made on contents.

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