Bitnovo Makes Tron (TRX) Available In Over 20,000 Stores In Europe

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Tron (TRX) is the talk of the town especially now that Bitnovo has announced it made the cryptocurrency available in more than 20,000 stores in Europe.

The announcement could be seen as a victory for Tron ecosystem since people can conveniently buy TRX in countries like Spain and Italy, and in other countries in Europe where the tentacles of Bitnovo reaches.

In recent time, Tron has been winning partnerships. The cryptocurrency company just acquired BitTorrent, making it completely decentralised.

BitTorrent is regarded as the father of decentralisation technology. It is an open and shared Internet protocol depended upon by many big and small companies, including individuals all around the globe.

The new partnership with Bitnovo, a company with many cryptocurrency ATMs in Europe, will increase the adoption of Tron all over the world.

Bitnovo is a reliable company in the world of cryptocurrency. The company partners with small businesses to deploy ATMs while at the same time supporting them technically with great return on investment afterward.

The company has earlier adopted Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, among other cryptocurrency. Bitnovo also sells cryptocurrency cards dubbed Bitcard.

Through its cards, crypto lovers can recharge as low as €250 and as high as €15,000. The card could be used at bitcoin ATMs all over the world. It is also possible to use them online for transactions.

Bitnovo Makes Tron (TRX) Available In Over 20,000 Stores In Europe

Earlier, Bitnovo and SixthContinent, an Italy-based profit sharing company producing gift cards, partnered. Through SixthContinent, Bitnovo which at present announced support for Tron, now has its Shopping Cards/Gift Cards available on their platform.

Tron (TRX) Virtual Machine And Super Representattive Election

Few days back, Tron unveiled the beta version of its Virtual machine. The machine makes it easy for Tron developers to innovate in the best programming language they understand.

The development is expected to bring in more DApps to the Tron community. It will also increase the number of developers on the Tron ecosystem thereby enhancing Tron environment as a whole.

In an effort to make the Tron ecosystem completely democratic, the Tron community is at the moment witnessing the Tron Super Representative election where those who will govern the ecosystem are selected in an open election devoid of untrustworthy maneuvering and misconducts.


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