Bitfinex Joins EOS (EOS) In Producing Eosfinex, A Trustless On-Chain Exchange For Digital Asset Trading


Known as the first trustless trading platform built on EOSIO network to give out high performing operation, EOSfinex is a DApp fashioned from the joined effort of EOS and Bitfinex.

The Combined expertise of Bitfinex and the speed and scalability of EOS lead to the production of an on-chain exchange platform designed to give transparent, trustless and instantaneous trading of digital assets.

According to a release issued out in the name of the DApp on July 27, the new development was initiated with the sole aim of innovating EOS and likewise make provision for a platter where research and adoption of EOS technology centred around security and scalability could be achieved.

When asked about the DApp, the lead marketer at Bitfinex, Kasper Rasmussen said EOSfinex was envisioned to change the way exchange between parties across the globe are value.

Since Bitfinex is one of the foremost supporters of EOS ecosystem, getting to know the potential of EOSIO technology was never a hurdle for the team, Rasmussen noted.

He added that the idea erupted from the dedication of Bitfinex which is to leverage latest technology in offering its users and community a refined trading experience that grants an unparallel change in the fintech ecosystem.

The release stated that Bitfinex’ first exploration of EOS technology intensified the exchange’s believe that EOS is the right option because it can offer high-volume, instantaneous and secured trading service.

Then, EOS was found as a technology that can process thousands of transactions in a second and at the same time slash associated fees to the barest.

When talking about the stage of the project, Rasmussen said EOSfinex is close to the end of its initial developmental phase.

He added that the smart contract of the project was recently exhibited at the Bitfinex hackathon, which took place in London, and all the three component of the EOSfinex (the EOSfinex exchange smart contract, a Nodeos plugin and SunBeam) are now available to participants.

Requesting for interested participants who are willing to share their idea, the developmental team behind EOSIO DApp says it welcome notification through their mail,

Image Source: Medium.


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