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Bitcoin vs Tesla vs Apple: Price Trend Analysis, What to Expect in June 2019

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Bitcoin vs Tesla vs Apple: Price Trend Analysis, What to Expect in June 2019

Bitcoin VS Tesla VS Apple: Price Trend analysis, What to expect in June 2019

It is the starts of week 22 of the year 2019, the last month of May where Bitcoin achieved the crypto market’s record highs of the year, which highlights the possibility that the crypto winter has reached its end.

While we should not expect values like 2017, what we are witnessing is logically the consolidation of the underlying technology behind the cryptocurrency, Blockchain. Which already claims to be disruptive, as it was during the internet time.

At the time of writing, BTC presents a spot price of $8002.24 with a slight contraction of -0.48% in the last 24 hours. The market capitalization of Bitcoin still remains above $ 140 billion dollars, which gives strong support to the current price level.


In general, the market capitalization of the entire crypto market remains at high levels since the cryptocurrency reached the top of the 8k, with an average value of $ 240 billion and a BTC dominance of more than 56%.



In the medium term, the panorama of the main reference of the ecosystem is promising. A lateral movement of prices between the bands of $7800 and $8200 could be witnessed for BTC in this last month of Q2 2019.

BTC already generated its golden cross this past May 21 when it began its current bullish rally to 8k levels after seeing a minimum average of 7600.

As a result, the cryptocurrency has generated a strong main support for the worst scenario of 5100, which is very distant to reach for now.

BTC third Elliot wave is seen to be projected in the first half of June 2019 at a maximum value of R2 ($ 9738.2) for the most optimistic scenario, with a conservative R1 @ 8400 more likely to be achieved in the medium term.

The 20-day moving average is the immediate support for BTC, with immediate support at a lower value in June staying around $7455. Then BTC takes off in a bullish rally to 8k level, whose current support is being created in this last week of May 2019.

In short, BTC promises an estimated profit between of 12.5% -26% depending on the time of entry chosen by investors.


The technological giant is currently in recession. This is largely due to the treatment the US president is giving to China and the imposition of technological veto and tariffs on the Asian nation. These have directly affected the former Steve Jobs’ company, for the fact that its business model is largely dependent on China.

Currently the stock is trading at the price of $ 178.97, after having started the month with high expectations above 200 dollars per unit. This is the product of a bullish rally sustained by the good performance of the American economy this 2019.

However, this upward channel has reverted, after the peak of the 200 when the commercial tensions between the world economies giants, China and the US, began to intensify.

As a result, Apple’s positions in this rest of Q2 2019, are promising, after a deeper dump at S1 levels for the first part of June, as projected by the bearish EMA cross on the chart.

A minimum support of $ 169.71 will be key to be able to know if the behavior expected in long term for APPLE are met. This can see the price go up to maximum levels of two hundred dollars again.

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This movement would mean a profit for average investors of up to + 3% by the end of Q2 2019, in relation to the current quoted price and a maximum profit from levels of S1 of + 9%.


The giant autonomous vehicle producer and the space king, is in a sharp chop. Tesla is projecting a strong descending channel started on January 28 of this year with values that already touched the HISTORICAL minimum of just two years (December 02 of 2016), which are now the key support of S1 @ $ 180.39.

The strategy with TESLA, for those who trade it, is contrary to that of BTC and APPLE. Trading TESLA, you have to go in short at least a +4,94 % to be able to have a utility at the end of the period under study in this post, as long as the price of the asset recovers from its minimum support that we forecasted it to achieve in the rest of Q2 2019, given its projected EMA crossing and lack of news incentive that encourages an early solution to the US-CHINA trade war .

Disclaimer: This article is not a financial advise, it is written for informational and educational purposes. Do personal research and consult advisor before investing in any stock or cryptocurrency mentioned her.

Daniel is a profound technical analyst and an evangelist of Blockchain technology who resides in Venezuela. Daniel has written crypto news for the popular Altcoin magazine, and a host of others popular crypto news platform. He graduated as an Engineer from University of Oriente Venezuela, entering the cryptocurrency space after gaining financial analysis knowledge from experts across his country of residence. Contact:

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