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Analyst: Bitcoin Price Would Keep Surging Daily for the Rest of the Year, Plus Ethereum, Litecoin News

Analyst: Bitcoin Price Would Keep Surging Daily for the Rest of the Year


Analyst: Bitcoin Price Would Keep Surging Daily for the Rest of the Year, Plus Ethereum, Litecoin News

  • Bitcoin to see new highs everyday
  • Sell Litecoin (LTC) for BTC, says Galaxy Digital CEO
  • John McAfee takes jibe at Ethereum (ETH) and its founder

Bitcoin has been convincing investors with its daily price growth rate. Crypto analysts have also been dispensing their views over the consistency of the price surge, with majority predicting that BTC would not experience significant plummet in market price like past years.

BTC has been stable around $8,000 in the last two days. Since its 2 weeks notable upsurge from relatively $5000 to about $8200, it has been fluctuating around 8000 US Dollars.

At the time of filing this report, BTC is trading at $8,028.18, a price that will be more appealing to Bitcoin hodlers if it continues to soar consistently according to analysis and predictions of some cryptocurrency analysts.

Luke Martin Predicts Bitcoin’s Price Growth Trend

Luke Martin‏, a cryptocurrency trader and analyst, who perpetually centres his predictions and analysis on the top digital currencies given to his crypto related tweets, has recently aired his views over the price growth trend of Bitcoin as lately seen.

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Martin stressed in his post that BTC has been making new 2019 highs, and it would follow the trend of the price increase every day for the rest of the year.

Galaxy Digital CEO Favours Ethereum Over Bitcoin

At the 2019 Ethereal Summit, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz during a speech claimed that Ethereum (ETH) would be more active in online payment than Bitcoin, not considering the global popularity of BTC.

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In his sentiment, he stressed that the Opera Web 3.0 browser in which ETH has earlier been added, would give Ethereum a priceless exposure.


However, Novogratz opined that Bitcoin is already garnering popularity needed as many institutions now believe it’s a store of value.

In April 2019, Novogratz pointed to the substantial worth of Gold, Silver and Bitcoin by market cap, comparing these to Litecoin (LTC) (5th largest cryptocurrency) that is about 6.5 percent of BTC. He concluded that investors should rather sell Litecoin for BTC, since nothing seems built on LTC network.

McAfee Took a Jibe at Ethereum (ETH) and Vitalik Buterin

John McAfee is a well-known analyst, forecaster and investor in the cryptocurrency space. His $1 million Bitcoin price prediction by 2020 is still a subject of concern among crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

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However, McAfee has been more usual with Bitcoin than any other digital currencies. In his recent tweet, McAfee said some of his friends have been seeking his opinion over Ethereum, the second largest digital asset by market cap.

McAfee in his gesticulating post said many of his folks that invest in Ethereum don’t dress well, and Buterin himself looks undernourished. His opinion about altcoins revealed that his interest is majorly centered on Bitcoin.

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