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Bitcoin Superstore Rebrands to AnchorX, Says Bitcoin No Longer End-all Be-all

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Bitcoin Superstore Rebrands to AnchorX, Says Bitcoin No Longer End-all Be-all

Bitcoin Superstore has rebranded to AnchorX, saying Bitcoin does not present everything about the platform, Today’s Gazette has learnt. The development is a result of the firm’s decision to expand and follow the trend of the ever-increasing landscape of the digital space.

As contained in an announcement, Bitcoin Superstore said it is beading its antiquated names farewell, and now edging into the future with state of the art developments.

Although, the popular Bitcoin Superstore website has been moved to AnchorX, the firm says it has not fully rebranded into AnchorX, but will be doing that in the next few weeks.

Assuring customers of an increased functionality coming from the new improvement, the statement enjoined customers not to fret as the new platform will continue to have customers at heart by offering them the same great service as Bitcoin Superstore.

It is over a year and a half that Bitcoin Superstore has been in existence. However, the changing landscape of the crypto verse since January 2018 led to the current action.

While stating emphatically that Bitcoin is no longer the only accepted digital currency on the platform, this makes the name Bitcoin Superstore not as “inclusive as it once was”.

Also, the statement reflected that Bitcoin is no longer the end-all be-all owing to the influx of different cryptocurrencies, employing diverse approaches like reduced fees and increased transaction speed which is paving way for the future of digital currency.

In this wise, the newly rebranded Bitcoin Superstore, AnchorX, is set to move forward by adopting more than 13 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

The previous name does not describe everything about the platform completely, the statement added.

With AnchorX’s ProofOfDelivery, customers can purchase goods on over 200,000 prominent stores including eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and some others using the platform’s supported cryptocurrency.

As well, customers can use digital currencies to get AirBnB e-gift cards, Nike e-gift Card, Amazon e-gift cards, eBay e-gift cards, and many others.

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