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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News Receives Approximately 14 BTC from a Good Samaritan

Bitcoin Receives Approximately 14 BTC from a Good Samaritan

A Good Samaritan donated approximately 14 BTC (over $120,000) to to continue with its enlightening information for the cryptocurrency community at large.

Cobra, the co-owner of and, two maiden Bitcoin education platforms, made the announcement on Twitter.

Cobra said the fund would be used extensively on enlightening the Bitcoin community.

Earlier, Cobra alleged the Bitcoin community on Twitter of creating more problems for the crypto-sphere, saying they do not represent the interest of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

He said millions of Bitcoin users do not have presence on Twitter and do not talk about the crypto asset on Twitter.

Cobra told people to ignore the minority Bitcoin users on Twitter, adding that a lot of Bitcoin users do not speak English.

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Few days after commenting on Bitcoin Twitter community, the Bitcoin education platform he co-owned received the kind donation, saying the platform will use the fund to educate millions of people worldwide on Bitcoin.

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He said:

Cobra on Donation

Below are the images confirming the transaction : Donation Cobra

Here’s the balance on the wallet: Donation Cobra balance is centred on helping Bitcoin to develop in a sustainable way, the platform enlightens people about Bitcoin and its underlining technology.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Present State in the Market

Bitcoin has been a bit stable since it last saw noteworthy price surge. The good news is that BTC is still maintaining its stability above $8,5000 support level.

Crypto analysts have been showcasing their beliefs on Bitcoin’s price surging forward. Whereas, some experts claimed that Bitcoin will still undergo price plummet before the bull run that could take it beyond $50,000.

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At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $8,679.30, with 0.38% price drop in the last 24 hours. It has retracted a bit from above 57% market dominance it recorded about 24 hours ago.

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Analysts Optimism about Bitcoin (BTC) Consistent Growth in Price

Ran NeuNer, founder of Onchain Capital/Advisory and Host of CNBC Crypto Trader believes that it is certain for Bitcoin to retest 7500 US Dollars before breaking its price hallmark.

The Co-founder at HeisenbergCap, Max Keiser, also predicted alike. According to his prediction, Bitcoin needs little supply to surpass its price hallmark, citing $28,000 resistance as a probable target. Keiser also assured that the bear market of 2018 will not resurface again.

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