BitBay Exchange Launches 400,000 TRX Trading Competition For Tron Community

Tron Trx Coin Burn

It is undoubtedly affirming that the MainNet release has surely brought a new dawn for Tron (TRX) as the altcoin blows away cobwebs, issuing out ground breaking developments that could send it to the moon in no time.

As a visible evidence to some of the stocky moves surrounding Tron, BitBay exchange organized a fascinating competition where about 400,000 TRX token would be given out to winners of the contest.

Most of the news ushered around Tron in the space lately shows that the altcoin has headed for the mountain, leaving its competitors in a baffled and psyching mode.

Named Game of TRONs, BitBay, after the addition of TRX token on its exchange for trade, announced the contest, clarifying that 100 best traders with the highest transaction volume of TRX token on BitBay account during the campaign will be the winner of the contest.

BitBay disclosed that the competition which began on September 20 will be ending on 4th of October. While the first, second and third place winner will be given 30,000 TRX, 20,000 TRX and 15,000 TRX respectively, the prizes of the other successive winners will also be distributed based on their rank in the competition.

At the end of the competition, the result will be disclosed on October 4 around 4 p.m CET, and the winners will be notified the following day.

Earlier, BitBay announced the inclusion of Tron (TRX) token on its platform for trade on 19th of September after inviting founder Justin Sun to its webinar as a special guest.

Before now, BitBay exchange has been known for its give out course.

On August 29, BitBay announced the continuity of with charity course with the initiation of a new one which features the raising of fund for homeless animals. Every year, the exchange extends support for about 1500 sick, abandoned and injured animals.



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