Bahrain’s SADAD, With Kiosks In Over 750 locations, Deploys Ripple’s xRapid

Bahrain’s SADAD With Kiosks In 750 locations Deploys Ripple’s xRapid

The news making wave in the cryptocurrency space is that Bahrain’s “most trusted payment channel” has deployed Ripple’s xRapid adding to the number of fintech companies using the tool for cross-border payments.

SADAD, being a leading payment gateway channel in Bahrain has won several awards despite the fact that it was launched in 2010.

About SADAD And Ripple’s xRapid Deployment.

At the moment, top SADAD payment platform has been integrated with top telecommunication companies, Ministry of Electricity and Water, Touch & Remit service through the help of ICICI Bank transferring money to India.

It also has link with Google Play, Ebay, Amazon, XBOX & Playstation and many other platforms.

With the help of SADAD, partners are opened to network of over 750 kiosk in Bahrain.

The firm has SADAD APP, Online Express Payment and the Kiosks as its major powers, making it stand out among others.

In its latest update, the firm states clearly that it is now using Ripple’s xRapid, a tool that depends solely on XRP tokens for cross-border transfer.

Bahrain’s SADAD With Kiosks In 750 locations Deploys Ripple’s xRapid

The development is made possible with the help of UAE Exchange which earlier partnered with Ripple for seamless cross-border remittance.

While it was not in the news before, one Curvicurvi, an adept lover of xRapid broke the news on Twitter, making people to be basking in euphoria.




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