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Aside Justin Sun, Tron And BitTorrent, Verge’s (XVG) Greatest Partner Pornhub Defending Net Neutrality

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Aside Justin Sun, Tron And BitTorrent, Verge’s (XVG) Greatest Partner Pornhub Defending Net Neutrality

It is gradually becoming clear that the Tron (TRX) blockchain technology is not the only firm evangelizing for a decentralized internet system, as Verge’s (XVG) greatest partner Pornhub displays more concerns for the same goal.

As at yesterday, it was all over the internet that Tron CEO, Justin Sun, pledges his support for Net Neutrality, donating $10,000 towards the cause.

Not the end of the story, the Donatefornetneutrality on its web, while calling for more donations, highlighted some who’s who in the sector fighting stupendously for net neutrality, amongst which Pornhub was listed.

“These folks have been on the front lines defending net neutrality and fighting for an Internet full of free expression, information, and creativity. If you’d like to join the list of Internet Champions, fill out the form below to help match donations or make a significant financial donation of at least $500,” the body stated.

The list which complied 15 principal individuals and organizations include Namecheap, BitTorrent, Anchorfree, Tron and IFIXT, amongst others.

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Before now, Pornhub had been a vanguard for the Net Neutrality mission that is struggling against a proposal to mitigate the net neutrality protection.

On June 14, Pornhub announced that it will be joining the over 60 companies that will participate in a protest structured by freepress, Fight for the Future and Demand Progress against a proposal by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which threatens a free and open internet.

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The VP of Pornhub, Corey Price, said if the proposal is enacted, the fate of the adult entertaining web and more companies will be jeopardized.

Justin Sun Donates $10,000 For Net Neutrality

The CEO of the foundation which primary focus is to create a truly decentralized internet with blockchain, yesterday announced on behalf of the foundation that it is supporting the fight for net neutrality with a sum of $10,000.

The amount donated by the San Fransisco blockchain firm has been reckoned to be more than 26% of the total amount realized as at the press time ($37,188). The goal of the firm in the fund raising campaign is to realize $100,000.

The donation, among others made to, will be used in supporting the cause by educating people in the county to vote in support of the pro-net neutrality. This will in turn assist lawmakers in sabotaging the proposal which aims at ending net neutrality.

The founder of Tron in a statement expressed his zeal for decentralized internet.

“Given my deep belief in an open and decentralized internet, I support and urge others to do the same in this critical moment where Congress can still act in favor of net neutrality.”

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“When the internet is free and open, it fosters innovation that benefits not just a few, but all of us. It’s our responsibility to protect these core values and push our community towards the cause,” Sun stated.

Acknowledging the effort of the foundation towards the cause, the deputy director at Fight for the Future, Evan Greer, said:

“The folks at TRON and BitTorrent have been such reliable allies in fights for internet freedom and privacy. They’ve helped us sound the alarm and rally the internet at the most important moments. We’re so grateful for this support at a crucial moment in the battle for net neutrality.”

Before now, Tron (TRX) partnered with Binance to assist in good will cause. The blockchain technology donated $3M to the Blockchain Charity Foundation established by Binance.

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