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Asch (XAS): Creating Decentralized, JavaScript Based Applications


Asch (XAS): Creating Decentralized, JavaScript Based Applications

Asch (XAS) is a platform that is based on decentralized application. It provides series of API and SDK in order to help developers create decentralized applications that are based on sidechain and JavaScript technology.

Asch intention is to offer its users a fully functional and easy to use plug and play ecosystem through which developers will be able to fully iterate their JavaScript applications, and also easily deploy them into their application store that is already built into the system.

They will do this by providing a set of industry standard solutions. These solutions include smart contracts, customized sidechains, application hosting, and lots more. The aforementioned applications can be easily executed and downloaded by every user and from anywhere in the ecosystem.

The ticker symbol of the ASCH altcoin is XAS, and it uses an enhanced form of DPOS algorithm in its consensus mechanism. This helps to reduce the probability of making duplicate payment and also the probability of block fork.

The sidechain is the application mode of Asch (XAS) and it helps alleviate the issue of inflation from the Blockchain and also helps in making DAPP more resilient and characteristic. Asch comes across as a one-stop, low-cost solution that will serve as the next generation stepping stone for decentralized applications.

Asch (XAS)’s Performance In the Space

Like a lot of other Cryptos in 2017, Asch was also attracting a low price. As at mid-2017, the Crypto had only touched $0.1 about one or two times. But once the craze started to set in, the price of the coin began increasing and reached a value as high as $1.89. The highest 24 hours traded XAS in 2017 was worth 41 million U.S dollars and the highest market cap reached in the same year was 156 million U.S dollars.

By the start of 2018, XAS started with a reasonably high price of $1.28 and later went higher to $1.71. but following the dip on the 6th of February, 2018, more than half of the total Crypto market value was lost.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ripple that shed a lot of dollars, XAS’s lowest price on that day was $0.6. the Crypto soon recovered from some of the lost value, and since then has been oscillating between 0.7 and 0.9 U. S dollars. On the coin market cap, XAS was listed among the best performers when considering 24 hours trading volume. The volumes traded as at 0900 CET was at 4.5 million U.S dollars.

Asch (XAS): Where to Buy

One of the most trusted cryptocurrency platform to buy Asch (XAS) is CoinSwitch. This is largely due to the fact that it supports over 300 Cryptos and provides one of the best rates, when compared to other major exchanges.

Asch (XAS): Conclusion

For programmers that are actually looking forward to create DAPPS, Asch (XAS) is simply a good platform for them to start at. The platform offers to its users, both secure and functional JavaScript code which can handle virtually all the low transactions which might be needed in the creation of this kind of software.

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