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Analyst Changes 7-$10 per XRP to 2-4 Weeks’ Time after Predicting 3-6 Weeks Interval

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Analyst Changes 7-$10 per XRP to 2-4 Weeks’ Time after Predicting 3-6 Weeks Interval

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There have been predictions about significant price surge of Ripple XRP, expectations get higher daily in the cryptocurrency space, especially in the mist of XRP investors.

An analyst, who earlier predicted $7-$10 for XRP in 3 to 6 weeks’ time, recently reduced his thought to 2-4 weeks.

Ripple XRP price upsurge has been steady in the market for quite some days now. The fans and investors of the digital asset long for the day they will witness the fulfillment of all XRP’s bullish price predictions.

The last time Ripple XRP underwent a magnificent upward trend was in January 2018, when it was closer to breaking the $4 resistance level, before the market was entirely subjected to an enormous price plummet that also brought the price of XRP below $0.3 around September 2018.

Since the bear market of 2018, XRP has been struggling to retrace its steps back to its all-time high. However, Ripple has been making ground moves to enhance its market price, which is probably reflecting on XRP’s price.

Ripple XRP has recently been surging independently without the indication of rising and dropping concurrently with Bitcoin, the largest and the most domineering digital currency in the market.

At the time of filing this report, Ripple XRP is trading at relatively $0.43, with 0.11% price increase in the last 24 hours. Analysts believe that its price growth could be sudden to the amazement of the crypto sphere.

Analyst Earlier Predicted $7 to $10 for Ripple XRP in 3-6 Weeks

The CEO of Sir Gekko Capital Holdings, Gordon Gekko is an obvious XRP-centric analyst on twitter who understands the chart and movement of the price of digital currencies in the market.

In a tweet on the 28th May, Gekko predicted that Ripple XRP will break above $7 and surge beyond $10 in 3 to 6 weeks’ time. He based his sentiment on the time and reaction of XRP after hitting the daily golden in 2017.

According to him, it took XRP 3 weeks to surge from $0.2 to $3.5 in 2017, relating it to the recent golden cross discovered in 2019.

He said “For you all that didn’t witness 2017 we hit the daily golden cross at .20 quickly over 3 weeks hit 3.50 golden cross 2019 at approx .40 a redo could mean a 7 dollar XRP in 3 weeks with utility 10 bucks +++”

Gordon Gekko Readjusts His Prediction by Reducing the Interval to 2-4 Weeks

Gordon Gekko was back on twitter after two days to readjust the interval of his prediction to 2-4 weeks. However, he did not state the reason behind his change of thought, but he may have seen more bullish signs of Ripple XRP.

He said “XRP ok I know I originally said 7-10 bucks per XRP in 3-6 weeks I’m now moving that up to 2-4 weeks”

Ripple XRP price is surging steadily, looking forward to break resistance levels. If XRP’s price goes according to the prophets of blessing, then investors of the third largest cryptocurrency should be set to smile to the bank sooner than later.

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