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Analysis – Is XRP the best investment Option at the moment?

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Analysis – Is XRP the best investment Option at the moment?

Ripple (XRP) is the third largest crypto by market capitalization, and one that has the support of several institutional investors.

XRP has managed to attract the support of a number institutional investors because of its use-cases and because it is not mine-able. That has made it an attractive altcoin for many retail investors.

However, that is not all. Developers control XRP supply, which makes it similar to the Federal monetary system.  The exception is that the total XRP supply will be limited to 100 billion coins.

While Ripple does not use the blockchain, it uses a distributed ledger to process transactions. That means XRP transactions are faster and cheaper, whether they are international or local transfers.

A typical transfer of say $5,000 using XRP clears within 5 seconds, and costs less than 1 cent.

A similar SWIFT transaction would cost up $60, and may take up to 3 business days to clear. If you include weekends or holidays, it may take about 5 days. That is why Banks and other institutions are finding Ripple attractive.

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XRP Targets Institutional Investors

Unlike Bitcoin whose blockchain targets end-users, developers designed Ripple primarily for institutional users. That could mean it will have lower volatility than most coins as time goes by.

Institutional investors are known to hold long-term positions, which give a digital asset greater stability. Currently, about 13% of the wallets hold over 1 Billion XRPs.

Because Ripple doesn’t have a blockchain, it is difficult to explore its ledger. That is why there is barely any information on how evenly the coins are distributed among investors.

Overall, the accounts holding less than 100 XRP are in their thousands, while just a little over 2,000 accounts control millions of coins.

Since its launch, Ripple has posted impressive results in terms of ROI, which stands at about 7448.  It has a market capitalization of $17.89 billion, with price that hovers around $0.40, and a one time high of $3.65 on January 4, 2018.

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Its biggest fall this year came when the coin dropped 24.8% in value within 27 days, hitting $0.2900676 its lowest point, on 25 April.

In the last one month, its price has appreciated by 31.93%, making it one of the top 10 gainers within the last 30 days. Overall, XRP is one of the few coins that institutions investors has shown interest in, a clear indication that it is worth investing in for now.

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