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AMFEIX Fund Offers Investors Super Profits for Their Bitcoin Holdings [Press Release]


Press Release

AMFEIX Fund Offers Investors Super Profits for Their Bitcoin Holdings [Press Release]

Cryptocurrency holders who have invested their Bitcoin with AMFEIX Fund are now enjoying the fruits of their decision as they watch their capital increase progressively. AMFEIX Digital Asset Management manages the fund and only requires investors to deposit a minimum of 0.02 BTC.

Through the help of its experienced team of traders, AMFEIX trades in Bitcoin (BTC)/USD, Binance coin (BNB)/BTC, Litecoin (LTC)/BTC, Ripple (XRP)/BTC, Ethereum (ETH) /BTC, Cardano (ADA)/BTC, NEO/BTC, and Monero (XMR)/BTC. For stronger gains, BTC/USD is the most preferred choice, and it constitutes 73.9% of the firm’s trading desk with ETH/BTC and XRP/BTC representing 9% each, while the other pairs take up the remaining percentage.

Infallible Site

Protecting investors’ funds is the highest priority of AMFEIX. The firm has instituted a couple of measures to facilitate the safety of funds, especially in the wake of recent hacks within the industry.

The site, established on the Ethereum network, is decentralized. As a result, investors’ funds can’t be under any threats from central authorities and other hackers. It stores any dormant funds at their disposal using cold storage. Such a storage method has often proved to be very useful, especially when it comes to protecting the funds from hackers.

The service offers users a seed key, which comprises of 12 letters, to protect any hackers from trying to log into their wallets. The measure thwarts hackers who try to gain entry into your account using any device.

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Finally, the firm has a policy of only trading with 30-50% of the existing pool of funds. The measure ensures that the risk of overexposure is limited, especially when the firm makes a poor calculation in its technical and fundamental analysis.

Confidential and Simple Registration Process allows users to hide their identity by letting them use pseudonyms when investing their Bitcoin. The firm doesn’t require investors to provide any personal information.

To invest your BTC with AMFEIX, you only create a wallet on the asset management firm’s website and then send the sum. After 24 hours, your funds will appear on the site’s Funds page.

Nil Flat Fees

AMFEIX doesn’t charge investors any flat fees. The firm only gets 20 percent from the gains made after trading with the funds. The company, therefore, strives to make a profit for its investors so that they can get 20%.

Logical Profit Sharing

AMFEIX uses a 2:8 profit sharing formula to share any gains made with investors. Therefore, it receives 20% while investors get 80% of the profits made.

Progressively Compounding Capital

When you invest your funds with AMFEIX, any gains made can be reinvested so that your capital grows. You can watch your wealth grow slowly by choosing not to withdraw any profits made.

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Super Easy Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawing your funds is very easy on the AMFEIX platform. Using only one click, you can channel your gains to your wallet and, within 24 hours, you will have all your funds at your disposal.

Well-paid Referral Program

Investors can significantly increase their profits by using the referral program offered by If anyone uses your referral link to open a wallet and invest BTC, you will automatically be entitled to 10% of the profits that person makes.

AMFEIX’s scalable cloud blockchain is the most secure platform for cryptocurrency investors keen on maximizing their wealth within a safe and secure platform. Bitcoin investors using the platform have every reason to smile as they watch their capital grow.

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