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All Bitcoin on HitBTC Exchange Allegedly Drained, Customers Claim Withdrawals Stuck


All Bitcoin on HitBTC Exchange Allegedly Drained, Customers Claim Withdrawals Stuck

  • Bitcoin withdrawal stuck on HitBTC exchange
  • All Bitcoin on HitBTC Have been Drained
  • XRP Withdrawal Also Facing Hard Time

As crypto assets continues to change hands toward the bullish side of the market, a number of unwary incidents stroll their way into the ecosystem, making some grow skepticism for the industry as certain big names (who’s who) in the world remain steadfast on their cynical view of Bitcoin and other cryptos.

First it was the upsetting news of 7000 BTC that was carted away on Binance, and later came the stirring up of the unraveled Cryptopia exchange attack, which remains a great calamity for both the exchanges and users.

However, the latest saddening update in the ecosystem revolves round HitBTC, a Chilean based exchange which claims to be the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world.

A user of the exchange, via twitter, raised alarm about the current status of the exchange. The user said all withdrawal attempts made on the exchange are at present stuck.

The complainant with twitter name CryptoAfrica said a number of people have been logging the complaint for days and this seems pathetic.

While questioning the legitimacy of HitBTC exchange, CryptoAfrica tried to reach out for assistance from reputable and experienced crypto enthusiasts on twitter.

Probably due to suspicion, he later asked if the exchange have any fund in their wallets.

All Bitcoin on HitBTC Have been Drained

CryptoAfrica afterward got a response from a renowned crypto analyst, Crypto Medication, who is known for passing real in-depth information after proper research.

With much empathy, Crypto Medication said; “I would be super worried.”

The researcher said last time he checked, all Bitcoins on the exchange were drained, adding that it is surprising to know that they’ve been bankrupt this long.

While HitBTC crypto exchange was tagged in the complaint, the firm is yet to respond to the allegation.


XRP Withdrawal Also Facing Hard Time

After an indifferent response from another twitter user that “if BTC transfers are stuck it is normal,” Crypto Africa said people are also lodging complain for XRP withdrawal, and this seems a bit weird.

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