Aion (AION): A Necessity To Fast Track Market Growth

Aion Aion

Aion (AION) –We all would agree that movement or should I say transportation as we know it today would not have been possible without the introduction of the element called Bridge.

A bridge is a mechanism devised to link up hitherto two or more inaccessible points. The construction of various bridges has indeed made life easier and comfortable for man. Destinations that would have been inaccessible to road users as a result of large bodies of water or other obstacles have now been successfully incorporated into the main stream; even remote places are not left out.

Aion (AION) Interchain Bridge

The Aion(AION) mainnet, in the same vein, is set to act as an inter-blockchain connector that will allow all the players to communicate in a secure and transparent manner. This is to the end that most of the hiccups experienced by digital users in the blockchain technology of which the interoperability of system is major will be addressed via AION.

Currently, existing blockchains each operates on its own island. As a result, communication between these players has slowed down the concept of decentralization and this is where a bridge is heaven sent. As each platform has a native programming language, communicating with alien networks is a hurdle that has led to scalability issues.

Aion (AION) is a multi-layer blockchain designed with the aim of solving the primary problems of privacy,scalability and interoperability encountered by first generation blockchains. The Aion (AION) Network was built with the capability to bridge different blockchains, both public and private.

Interconnecting blockchain ecosystem has always been a big problem and this has decelerated the technology’s acceptance to solve real life problems. The timely entry of the Aion (AION) coin network into the mix will help to unlock the potential for blockchain interoperability.

Aion (AION) Scope

According to the Founder and CEO of Aion (AION) Network, Matthew Spoke, they are the only ones that are currently taking a very specific focus on the generic interoperability between financial and non-financial applications on top of blockchains between public and private networks.

Although each blockchain protocol is responsible at the end of the day for building its own level of trust within its ecosystem/ cryptospace, the moment you begin to move outside the domain of your private blockchain –  as banks, government, healthcare provider etc. – and will eventually do insomuch as you work with this kind of data, you need a connecting system.

At its core Aion (AION) will become the middleware for blockchains to communicate with each other as well as the capability to pass messages between them.

The Aion mainnet can be used to link up blockchains used across global supply lines involving multiple parties.

It could also serve as an intermediary between platforms used by different corporate or government departments.

With plans of being used in the business world, Aion is being adapted to be used in large organizations or institutions. Instead of holding all information and data collectively, the parts containing sensitive or private data could be separated off and accessed only by authorized persons.

The Aion (AION) team’s decision of building an enterprise blockchain infrastructure birthed the realization that while many large organizations were building private blockchains, there was a growing need for a public mechanism.

As the blockchain concept continues to grow and becomes an essential part of the economic system it needs a generic way of moving information.

Challenges To Overcome By The Aion (AION) Mainnet

There are some major obstacles to get people to build and use a system like this. First is the need to persuade organizations to move information between blockchains in a public manner. Secondly, it will require a single way to move that information i.e. a kind of networking protocol. Once agreement is reached on the former the later requirement becomes inevitable.

Companies can find a way to monetize their participation on the network by charging Aion tokens to move certain kinds of data across inter chain bridges. This ability has the propensity to lure more companies to move to the network.

At some point, blockchain will hit mainstream adoption and it will require mature infrastructure for companies like Aion (AION) to succeed and continually experience success. As such Aion (AION) becomes a market necessity as it is making its contribution to help the market grow.

While Aion is not the only company working on this problem, Mathew Spoke is convinced that a process like this is required and as the case is with any technology, the market will decide which approach wins and becomes the standard.

Aion (AION) Progression And Future

Aion aims to build a generic bridge that will be used to connect blockchains and external services through a contiguous network, providing accountable communication maintained through the network. The first bridge iteration been built is between Aion network and Ethereum.

If the AION token lives to its billings, a seamless movement of digital coins across blockchains will be possible. In order to make this pipe dream a reality, the AION network is set to begin building the bridge with the platform it rides on and from thereon replicate across other network with ease.


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