After Mobile App Release, Lisk Deploys ATMs To Hong Kong For LSK-Fiat Adoption

After Mobile App Release, Lisk Deploys ATMs To Hong Kong For LSK-Fiat Adoption

Striding in the crypto space with the zeal to become one of the greatest digital currency, Lisk (LSK) seems to have heightened the adoption of its native currency LSK by rolling it up on a rising wedge.

After the announcement of the Lisk Blockchain Meetup in Berlin which took place on 4th of October, the Cryptocurrency that makes it easy for developers to build and deploy decentralized JavaScript application on its network, Lisk, unveil the release of the new Lisk Mobile application.

The app makes it easy for users to interact with network of the blockchain through mobile phones.

Following the launch of the mobile application, the Cryptocurrency displayed its class in the crypto sphere, deploying ATMs To Hong Kong.

It was reported that yesterday the cooperation of Lisk Elite, Nitroswap, , Coinnewshk stages an event, Lisk Fiat Adoption Party, in Hong Kong to commemorate the new ATMs deployed to the city.

The report noted that the new ATMs will hand users the opportunity to buy LSK coin on the street with the Hong Kong local currency, HKD.

Participants at the events were given Lisk starter kits and Ledger Nanos was also given out as award prize.

The positioning of the ATMs has been tipped with the possibility of increasing the adoption of the Cryptocurrency even beyond the Asian city.

Lisk (LSK) Mobile application

After several days of brainstorming, coding, designing and testing, the much lauded Lisk mobile application that began development in June 2018, was announced to be live for Android and iOS users on October 4.

With the aim of upholding quality and security, the Cryptocurrency initially released the 3.0 Lisk Mobile application internally before issuing it as an MVP. The mobile application grants users the possibility of creating and signing in into a Lisk account.

Also, the application makes it easy for users to transfer and receive LSK, and at the same time view and explore account activities.


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