After CertiK Partnership, ICON (ICX) Handpicked For Government-Backed Project

Iconloop Project

The ICON (ICX) Foundation has indicated that ICONLOOP is now selected as an operator of Seoul’s standard blockchain platform for ‘Seoul Blockchain Demonstration Project’, which is managed by Uracle. The announcement is coming after ICON aired few days back that it has signed a strategic deal with CertiK.

The project was commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, it is a continuation of the ‘Information Strategy Planning for Building Blockchain Based Municipal Innovation (ISP)’ project, under the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The idea will include the unveiling of the Seoul standard blockchain platform, three verification businesses centered on providing blockchain dependent administration services, and 2 state of the art blockchain businesses.

It is a remarkable opportunity for ICON since its ICONLOOP will be used to authenticate and design a Seoul-based blockchain technology that would be used in every administrative section of the government in the near future.

Loopchain, an ICONLOOP’s self-innovated blockchain protocol, would be used for Seoul Blockchain Standard Platform, secondhand car trading system, and mobile-voting system in the next few months.

In the same line, verification of businesses is focused on services that has to do with citizens’ living, among which are subcontract payment, mileage integration, and citizen card.

J.H. Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP who spoke on the development inferred that the project is going to be a bridge for Seoul’s blockchain platform with time. The latest innovation is expected to improve the economy of Seoul, all things being equal.

Icon-CertiK Strategic Partnership Unveiled.

ICON (ICX) Foundation partnered with CertiK. The latter is a smart contract auditing firm, having a patented innovation used in automating formal authentication of smart contracts.

The partnership, according to ICON, will result in a more secured ICON Ecosystem, adding that DApps on ICON ecosystem are now given the advantage to submit their SCOREs to CertiK.

ICON (ICX) is one of the major cryptocurrency to watch on the space, with awesome use cases and development.

Image credit: Coingape.


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