After 10,000 Milestone, Tronbet Hits 70 Million, TRX Available On BTC Bank; Other Tron News

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Not just the modus operandi of Tron (TRX) that has changed since the Independence Day, the winning trick and devotion of the blockchain project has also taken new steps as the altcoin remains fervent on its top six goal.

The encroachment of the Tron into the gaming world has just brought greatest to the cryptographic project, as TRONbet strikes the 70 million milestone.

According to founder Justin Sun who disclosed the news to the community of the altcoin, a total of 70 million TRX is now available on Tronbet’s pool.

Previously, it was announced by Tron Foundation that the gaming DApp, Tronbet attained a ground breaking landmark of 10,000 game play the same day it was unveiled.


Tronbet: A Gaming DApp Deployed On TRON (TRX) Blockchain Network

While the gaming industry has been flagged with lack of security and transparency, a great team took it as a responsibility to proffer solution to the existing loopholes.

As the need for such solution rises, Tronbet, a gaming Dapp, was built on Tron blockchain network to better the experience of the lovers of gaming industry.

To begin gaming on Tronbet, the TronLink wallet which must contain TRX would be linked with the game, and the user can then select a desired bet amount and begin play the game by predicting a number.

Tronbet is now serving the gaming industry with transparent, and fairly wealth distribution platform, and users who embraced the DApp immediately it was launched have begun enjoining the game as they get rewards. It was reported that one of the users bagged $130 worth of TRX.

TRX Available On BTC Bank, TRON Odyssey-V3.1.3 Available On Github

Made available to the public by Justin Sun, it was announced today that Tron is now available for trade on the Southeast Asian based digital asset derivatives trading platform, BTC bank.

The news revealed that lovers of the Cryptocurrency can now trade TRX/IDRT pair on the platform.

The founder of the blockchain technology network, Sun again announced that TRON Odyssey-v3.1.3 is now available on Github.

Tron seems to be maintaining a tempo that is comparable to no other. The altcoin has been able to prove its potency in the crypto space and all these are expected to soon pave a massive winning path for the altcoin.


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