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6 Years Report Says 5% Bitcoin +95% Cash Better Than S&P 500 On Return And Risk

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Can BTC Break Current Resistance Level


6 Years Report Says 5% Bitcoin +95% Cash Better Than S&P 500 On Return And Risk

Bitcoin has come to live since 10 years ago. Earlier, many doubted its survival, but its growth in the market and usage around the world has rebutted the ill feeling.

On several occasion, Bitcoin has been compared with a world’s top class assets like Gold and Stock, this is probably because it is a measure of wealth and can be used to store value. Even though it is yet to be widely accepted, Bitcoin has sometimes been rated over Gold and Stock.

An expert who manages and analyses financial data gave a 6 years report on Bitcoin, Cash and S&P 500.

After comparing the return on income, and risk associated with investing in Bitcoin and S&P 500, the analyst who bears 100trillionUSD on twitter noted that Bitcoin + Cash is a better investment.

While asking himself the question “Why should I ever hold stocks,” market expert said “5% bitcoin + 95% cash outperforms stocks on risk AND return, every year past 6 years.”

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The analyst showcased a four year investment period for the above assets. The investment period which started in 2010 with four years interval, ended in 2019.

Throughout the period, 5% bitcoin + 95% cash outplayed S&P 500 stock.

A Break above $8200s Will Make Bitcoin Completely Bullish

The literary interpretation of Bitcoin’s present trend in the market can be likened to price correction. However, Bitcoin and the entire crypto market have begun another upward rally.

There are great chances Bitcoin is heading upward soonest. According to an analyst, if Bitcoin tries to maintain a rally above the present $8,200 resistant, it would be a nice move that will surely call for a retest of the $8200s resistance level.

Furthermore, if the trend is buoyed forward, and the crypto asset breaks or closes above $8200s, we are sure of seeing a massive bull run that will rise above expected level.

I am a lifetime Entrepreneur, Contributor @Thrive Global, @Oracle Times, @Coin Gape. Khalid Lawal is a lover of Blockchain technology and a junior analyst. • Hopes to be a venture capitalist one day. 

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