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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

4 Salient Reasons Electroneum (ETN) Is A Good Investment Deal

Electroneum (ETN): The Unique Mobile Cryptocurrency Jumping All Hurdles


4 Salient Reasons Electroneum (ETN) Is A Good Investment Deal

In a world where it seems only the elites- tech savvy – are catered for, Electroneum (ETN) seeks to level the playing field. Electroneum is a cryptographic project that was developed with the intention of permitting all and sundry to gain access to, as well as enjoy the benefits of a digital currency.

The team behind the blockchain project plans to achieve this by bringing the exchange process of cryptocurrency including its mining to users’ smartphone via a user-friendly app that anyone can make use of.

While most crypto devotees the world over are keen to see crypto coins becoming payment substitutes for most transaction, Electroneum is set to achieve this dream. The cryptographic project is built on its own blockchain and has been designed explicitly to gain mass adoption through the over 2.2 billion smart phone users.

It is extremely easy to manage and mine Electroneum on a mobile app. Thereby becoming an innovative, easy and safe way of making on the spot transactions from your mobile phone- from sending money to friends and family, to purchasing mobile games, to betting on live sports.

Electroneum (ETN) as a Cryptocurrency, is powered by blockchain technology. It permits financial transactions on a decentralized blockchain. It also has a host of privacy features. ETN’s has a one-time public key that does not let receivers fund to be linked with their wallet. Although, an external third party can appraise to ascertain that the transaction has ensued.

The Electroneum (ETN) Team

The Kent based Electroneum team of 12 is led by Richard Ells. He is the co-founder of Retortal.com and SiteWizard. While James Atkinson heads the development team of Electroneum, Dean Cole another member of the team develops and maintains the servers needed for mining and transacting in ETN. James has over 10years of experience in development.

Adam Atkinson is the Javascript Development lead, other team members include, Ben Whomsley, Costin Cristoi, Robert Hopkins, Imogen Dale, Terry Hunter, Michael Wiltshire, Natalie Hayon and Barbara Southwell

Reasons Why You Should Hodl Electroneum (ETN)

Electroneum (ETN) Target Market

The smartphone industry is massive. It has over 2.2 billion users and it is still growing. This is one of the things that make Electroneum an attractive investment option. Electroneum (ETN) will henceforth be open to an enormous market of users who will have the opportunity to mine and buy tokens with ease. The mobile app is available on Google play store.

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Electroneum’s (ETN) Ease of Accessibility

For new entrant to the world of cryptocurrency that are having trouble joining exchanges; downloading the Electroneum app and trying to win free coins provide an excellent entry point into the world of crypto.

Cryptocurrencies are not that easy for the average users to buy as it usually requires some extra effort. Electroneum (ETN) aims change this by making the digicoin easier to purchase and mine on mobile apps thereby bringing cyptocurrency to the masses.

Simply put, the coins are mined through a combination of centralized viral marketing app and decentralized blockchain. The blockchain gives out coins to mobile device users who then take along the service of viral marketing to Electroneum through a gamified experience.

Electroneum‘s (ETN) Instantaneous Transaction Authorization and Multi-crypto payment

Electoneum (ETN) has a patent, for instant payments pending. This patent would revolutionize the cryptospace once it is awarded as it isn’t just for ETN alone but other cryptos as well. The ability of being able to spend coins immediately will simply unlock the true value of cryptos as they become usable as everyday currencies.

Another USP (unique selling point) is the instantaneous speed with which transactions made on the Electroneum platform are authorized. Electroneum‘s instant payment which has gone live allows you to immediately complete a Point of Sale (POS) or online checkout. Instead of having to wait minutes for transactions to show on blockchains or waiting hours for banks to release your funds, Electroneum platform allows recipient to send goods straightaway due to its ability to guarantee the fund.

Due to Electroneum’s Hybrid model of both a decentralized blockchain and a centralized app, ETN can immediately confirm to a vendor that an Electroneum user possesses the funds in the wallet. To forestall double spending the Electroneum app ring-fences the sender’s fund.


Electroneum (ETN) is KYC Compliant

Its KYC features afford Electroneum (ETN) the opportunity to grow as this feature gives it a factor of legitimacy in the government’s eyes. The KYC technology is likely to be on the rise even in the cryptographic space, most especially as both the state and federal regulators intensifies their efforts to clamp down on fraud and close down companies responsible for facilitating their activities.

Currently most governments are dawdling in accepting cryptos as forms of payment as they could be platforms for money laundering, terrorism and other financial crimes. Electroneum, by having KYC has sealed these loopholes thereby making it complaint with most countries financial regulations. The issue of security had been one of the obstacles to the mainstream adoption of crypto and KYC technology– especially solutions that are easy to use and fast- can help to bypass it.

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The potential for mass adoption without governmental imposed logjams could see the value of this crypto rise to unparalleled height across the globe. You can be sure that as this adoption takes root so also will the value of Electroneum (ETN) soar.

This same KYC feature also provides it with the opportunity to work with telecoms companies the world over. The telecoms companies would benefit by incorporating Electroneum into their system which would allow their users make instant payment through their smartphones. And incorporating Electroneum into their systems could see this cryptographic project gaining billions of users in a relative short time globally.


The mobile miner advanced by Electroneum is definitely a giant stride forward for the cryptocurrency industry as it will allow millions of users especially the unbanked to get their hands on cryptocurrency with reasonable ease. And once Electroneum (ETN) gets its patent for instant payment, the growth of crypto usage will see them grow by quantum leap into the future since Electroneum is behind this patent.

There is a clear growth path for Electroneum (ETN) since its KYC feature puts it in a position to work with telecoms companies and some telecom companies have over 100 million users. Once the momentum of incorporating Electroneum picks up, ETN’s growth will be exponential. As cryptos go mainstream, ETN has one of the best odds of getting into major e-commerce companies.

The question now is what are you waiting for?

Esme has years of experiences in online publishing and business affiliation. She started her career back in 2015 where she joined multiple local news publications focusing on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Global Warming, Business, and Marketing. Regarding personalities, Esme is the bubbliest. She loves hanging around with crypto friends. She is now a full-time contributor at TODAY'S GAZETTE. email: esme.anderson@todaysgazette.com

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. CryptoBob

    November 20, 2018 at 8:28 am

    Just to give you a little more info, you say – “Currently most governments are dawdling in accepting cryptos as forms of payment as they could be platforms for money laundering, terrorism and other financial crimes. Electroneum, by having KYC has sealed these loopholes thereby making it compliant with most countries financial regulations”.

    They haven’t sealed it at all, if someone mined ETN, to a paper wallet address, they could send ETN to any of the aforementioned activities by using the ETN CLI, no need for the mobile wallet, no need for KYC, no loophole has been sealed.

    Again, do a little more research in your articles, as you clearly have limited knowledge in crypto and how it works.

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