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3 Top Wine Makers Officially Adopt Vechain (VET)-DNVGL Blockchain Solution, My Story

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3 Top Wine Makers Officially Adopt Vechain (VET)-DNVGL Blockchain Solution, My Story

A dApp developed by Vechain (VET) and DNV GL to quench the yen of consumers requesting for not just verified and ethical brands but also products, ‘My Story’, has been officially adopted by three leading wine producing companies in Rome, Italy, after a previous announcement in March.

According to an official announcement issue by DNV GL, the three Italian company, Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino Wines, and West Wind Wines, were the first to adopt the blockchain-powered solution, My Story.

DNV GL further noted that My Story will grant consumers the ability to access the true story of a wine from grapes to bottle by scanning the QR codes on the bottles.

DNV GL added that MY Story helps build digital trust in the origin of products.

The Digital Transformation Director of DNV GL, Renato Grottola, said the choice of wine company was basically because Italian wines tell story.

About My Story

Released in March 2018, the global quality assurance and risk management company, DNV GL, developed an off-the-shelf blockchain based digital assurance solution on Vechain network for food industry to proffer solution to some of the unending worries of consumers.

Named ‘My Story’, the supply chain assurance platform, a product of Vechian (VET) and DNV GL partnership, was officially unveiled at the annual GFSI Global Food Safety Conference in Tokyo.

At the unveiling ceremony, the CEO of DNV GL – Business Assurance, Luca Crisciotti said:

“My Story illuminates products and their supply chain for the benefit of consumers, who will have instant and in-depth access to key products characteristics such as quality, authenticity, origin, ingredients, water and energy consumption and more, all verified by DNV GL along the entire transformation process.”

“Brands, retailers and transformers will have the possibility to leverage on verified data to better understand their supply chain, while improving every aspect of products with reference to economic, quality, safety, environmental and ethical criteria,” Crisciotti added.

Although there was a previous announcement in March 2018 that the three wine company have agreed to use the solution, but DNV GL today proclaimed the official launch of My Story with adoption from the three markers.

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