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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

3 New Additions To Ripple (XRP) Ecosystem

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3 New Additions To Ripple (XRP) Ecosystem

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It is becoming real that Ripple (XRP) is the king of the altcoins. The cryptocurrency has been at the second position for some days now, surprisingly, XRP is getting closer to Bitcoin.

When we talk about a cryptocurrency with optimistic future, there is no doubt that XRP is a tangible cryptocurrency that deserves to be first mentioned before talking of any other digital currency.

Few days back, Coinbase, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange that most cryptocurrency desires, has added Ripple’s XRP to the 30+ digital currency it is exploring for future listing.

As Ripple continues to make progress, in the space, here are three additions to the XRP ecosystem that the whole cryptocurrency space may not be aware of.  These additions have the tendency of changing the ecosystem completely.

Enter Billions’ You’re Welcome Survives On XRP

You’re Welcome (YW) is a chrome extension offered by Enter Billions. It is a Twitter spam blocker increasing the use of XRP.

It utilizes cryptocurrency to perfect its core functions. The extension makes it easy for people to block unwanted bot and spam tweets automatically.

During the private better, You’re Welcome blocked over 500,000 spammy tweets. The extension works natively with XRP Tip Bot, and leverages payment streaming and the ability to fractionalize digital assets.

Ripple’s Xpring, Coinbase Invest In Securitize

Ripple’s Xpring and Coinbase among other firms have announced they invested in, a platform that intends to tokenise security and issue security token on public blockchains like XRP Ledger and Ethereum.

MTN Partners Orange To Launch Mowali Wallet On Ripple Supported Mojaloop

MTN and Orange mobile operators have announced they are launching Mowali, a mobile wallet interoperability that is to service more than 100 Million mobile money accounts and mobile money operations in 22 of sub-Saharan Africas’s 46 markets.

The wallet is dependent on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Mojaloop, an open-source software powered by Ripple’s Interledger Protocol.

Sendfriend Using XRP Dependent xRapid

The award winner of the MIT Media Lab Translational Innovation Alliance, Sendfriend, stated that it deployed Ripple’s xRapid for cross-border remittance to the Philippines. Sendfriend platform, when fully launched, will make it easier for overseas Filipinos to send money to their country with lower fees.

Freddie is a professional journalist and feature writer. He participates on various movements that enable communities to initiate more in-depth understanding on essential topics. His views differentiates the effects on society's day to day life. He is now a full-time contributor to TODAY'S GAZETTE.

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