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With Over 20,000+ Ethereum Based Tokens Supported, Dash Enjoys Adoption On Binance Wallet

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With Over 20,000+ Ethereum Based Tokens Supported, Dash Enjoys Adoption On Binance Wallet

The case of Dash has really turned to that of Oliver Twist which always request for more. Previously was a deal with Salamantex and later, came e-Gifter. The latest news in town for the privacy oriented crypto is that a Binance wallet supporting Ethereum and more 20,000 diverse ETH based tokens has integrated Dash into its wallet services.

Known as Trust Wallet (trustwallet.com), an open source, secured, and decentralized Ethereum wallet application was acquired by Binance July 2018.

Trust Wallet in a tweet disclosed that users can now send, store and receive Dash digital currency on its wallet.

The latest development hands in the open-source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Dash’s users have the ability to add Dash to their list of assets by simply clicking the ‘+’ sign.

Trust walled touted Dash as a two-tiered masternode system that grants its users supplementary security as well as faster and cheaper transactions.

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Binance And Trust Wallet

The secured intuitive mobile wallet, Trust Wallet, made the top of the news around mid-last year as the world largest crypto exchange platform, Binance, sealed its acquisition to present users better services and enhanced safety.

The huge adoption witnessed by the wallet in November 2017, was the first development that surfaced Trust Wallet to the world.

The addition of an on-chain mobile wallet helped Binance in stepping up its services by a place, and the procurement of the Wallet flagged the first public acquisition from Binance.

While a number of Cryptocurrencies including Dash are offered for trade on Binance, the similar service presented by Trust wallet (an offspring of Binance) will help enlarge the channels customers can select from in entering the Dash ecosystem.

As an addendum for Dash, Trust Wallet maintains that its wallet works seamlessly with the Binance DEX.

Dash Partnership With Salamantex Materializes With Over 500 Stores In Austria And Malaysia

The recent deal which Dash (DASH) cryptocurrency signed with Salamantex through its merchant adoption strategies has been reported to have gained recognition in 500 stores in Austria and Malaysia.

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The Austrian Fintech company which focuses on Crypto payment through point-of-sales system, Salamantex, penned the deal with Dash Embassy, D-A-CH.

The partnership made way for the integration of Dash into Salamantex’s Crypto Payment Terminal SX1801.

On a Final Note

A partnership with Salamantex and Trust Wallet within a week is undoubtedly an outstanding one in the crypto space especially at this outlandish moment. Due to the incessant developments Dash (DASH) is churning out, observers have opined that the tunnel end would soon be lightened for the coin.

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