Is MOAC (MOAC) Threatening Ethereum (ETH)?


MOAC (MOAC) -It would amount to moonlight tail purporting literal overthrow of Ethereum. A project that had stared into the eyes of Bitcoin and wrestled power with it for some time should not be treated that way. But do we keep dealing on sentiments when it is obvious the project is far falling below standards?

Perhaps you wouldn’t be keen towards the project we have here and you might doubt its features, but MOAC is sure to toss Ethereum to the bin. China had in recent years placed itself in the world map as a country leading in technological innovations. With the blockchain recording success for a decade, a team of technocrats had just come up with a project they hope to outperform all-known blockchains.

Is MOAC (MOAC) Truly Mother To All Chains?

Much emphasis shouldn’t be placed on posers but rather on the functionality of the project. Mother of All Chains (MOAC) is threatening the continued existence of Ethereum. It is worthy of note that the blockchain comes in to solve issues and that’s exactly what MOAC came for.

What Could Be The Issue?

Nice question demanding lucid answer. Recall the Ethereum was able to come up because of low throughput recorded on Bitcoin. However, the platform fell into same issue some time ago and has since been battling to get out of that. MOAC is the perfect solution to that because it boasts of impressive upsides that would meet existing pain points of the blockchain.

MOAC (MOAC) -Pushing Decentralization Through Multi-Layered Architecture

You might be wondering how the project intends retiring Ethereum. Ethereum was notable for bringing smart contracts and DApps into the blockchain. Since the blockchain is positioned for industrialization and MOAC is having same thoughts, current throughput won’t place the platform in good light.

Hence, MOAC is bringing full-scale latency to the blockchain. Since it is not set to do this by default, there is the multiple layer architecture to help it attain its goals. Currently holding the 61st spot on CoinMarketCap, MOAC allows developers strike difference between smart contract and balance transfer transactions. It is hoped that this clarification will foster faster throughput.

To this end, transactions that are coming from smart contracts are delegated to its MicroChain and those coming from balance transfer are pushed towards the PoW layer. By this composition, the project created room mining in mobile devices. On the other hand, the project utilizes the shard technology for more throughputs.

Independent Smart Contract

Current crop of smart contracts seem biased and that was why MOAC developed unique smart contract that will be free from any influence. You might have realized that programming smart contracts is not the same as traditional internet configuration. Smart contracts demand special programming languages and aside this, many developers find it hard creating apps that suit their needs.

Against this backdrop, MOAC deployed new smart contract protocol. Known as Smart Contract as MicroChain, the idea is to delegate same to end-users. By this, you can easily create a DApps that suits your needs. In related scenario, you can create blockchains.

In the long run, such tailored solutions will be pivotal towards faster transaction rates on the platform. These smart contracts are meant to work as side-chains while keeping their eyes on transactions.

Have You Wished For United Blockchain?

By now, you must have realized that the blockchain breeds even distribution. This singular feature had attracted centralized platforms to the technology. So far, these platforms had used consortium chains in mapping and storage of data. Such was the case because the blockchain had no fiat environment.

On the other hand, MOAC (MOAC) is working for unity across blockchains. You must have realized that Ethereum cannot be traded for BTC and other coins. That is because each of these has its own blockchain and different principles.

MOAC seeks to unify blockchains by fostering cross-chain transactions. With such in place, a BTC holder can exchange for ETH and other coins. Certainly, MOAC’s cross-transaction brings interoperability among cryptographic currencies.

Reduced Computation Powers and Interoperable Chains

On a lighter note, MOAC is much more than a project seeking for relevance in the crypto community. Although suggested the project is a ruse, it indeed has something to offer when scrutinized.

For the first time, the blockchain will witness paradigm shift from high computational powers to reduction of mining to mobile devices. Not done yet, MOAC classifies transactions making their confirmation easier. Interestingly, the project banks on its cross-chain transactions as medium to unite all blockchain. If you have no reason to use the platform, its interoperable transactions will certainly make you have a rethink. As its name suggest, MOAC is truly a mother to other chain networks.


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