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Rumour That SWIFT May Announce Partnership With Ripple (XRP) Thickens

Banking Industry Downtrend: Why The World Needs Ripple (XRP)
There is a very high expectation that Ripple (XRP) may make shocking announcement at the coming SWIFT...

Bahrain’s SADAD, With Kiosks In Over 750 locations, Deploys Ripple’s xRapid

Bahrain’s SADAD With Kiosks In 750 locations Deploys Ripple’s xRapid
The news making wave in the cryptocurrency space is that Bahrain’s “most trusted payment channel” has deployed...

4 Salient Reasons Electroneum (ETN) Is A Good Investment Deal

Electroneum (ETN): The Unique Mobile Cryptocurrency Jumping All Hurdles
In a world where it seems only the elites- tech savvy – are catered for, Electroneum (ETN)...

After 10,000 Milestone, Tronbet Hits 70 Million, TRX Available On BTC Bank; Other Tron News

Not just the modus operandi of Tron (TRX) that has changed since the Independence Day, the winning...

Ripple’s Key Executives, Over 11,000 Others, Bring Crypto Adoption To Money20/20 USA

This year’s Money20/20 USA will feature key Ripple (XRP) executives. Together with others present, they will be...